Case Study. Effective communication in the digital environment. Management perspective.

Now that you have been teleworking for some time, you see that your team is feeling a bit demotivated lately because of remote work and lack of contact among the main reasons. In addition, you have to take a project forward and you have to communicate it to your team, but you see that the team is a bit tired; and there are also new employees who do not know the platform you are working with. In turn, there is a conflict between team members that needs to be resolved.

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  1. What action would you take regarding the demotivation of your team?
  2. What channel would you use to communicate with your team, and how would you do it?
  3. What channel of communication would you consider appropriate for the resolution of the conflict between team members?
  1. Regarding team motivation, I would encourage work through virtual events and meetings. I would organize activities based on common interests, to boost motivation and communication within the team. I would also carry out a feedback process to accompany and enrich everyone's work.
  2. For this purpose, I would use reliable online communication channels, and teach the team how to use them to get the most out of them. I would hold a virtual meeting, and set the time and duration of the meeting in advance, and make it as efficient, quick, concise and operational as possible. I would also consider attention spans, and remember to be concise. During the meeting, I would also make sure I was a good mediator, and give the floor to all team members, and that no one felt left out.
  3. For conflict resolution, I would avoid using e-mail or chat. I would opt for means such as telephone or videoconferencing that convey more closeness.


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