Intellectual Output 2 has linked soft skills with employability by mapping the most desirable soft skills among employers within the EU countries.


This has been done by analyzing the sources and basic research (questionnaires distributed among the private sector and business associations) and then identifying the most wanted soft skills among job applicants. The ESSENCE project is a specific response to the needs of the labor market, which are in line with the interests of university students, HR specialists and employers.

ESSENCE relates to two target groups belonging to the same ecosystem:

  • Students, new graduates, unemployed or people who are currently looking for a better job and focus on increasing their competences - in other words, they are young people who want to increase their competitiveness on the labor market;
  • HR and PR specialists, business psychologists, communication trainers, employers and any other organization related to the topic of employment support. Involving these audiences is more than a strategic goal: it is a priority to ensure that ESSENCE's results have the broadest possible impact on society.