Case Study. Teamwork through ICT tools

Now that the new measures before the COVID- 19 have pushed to move from the office to teleworking. You have to see where to start to organize your work team and be able to continue with the activity of the company. You have so many open fronts that you don't know how to control the projects, and you are losing control of their progress. On the other hand, now that you can't use the meeting room or communicate with your team in the office, you have to think about some online tool for communication and coordination of the team, otherwise it would be an impossible task. Finally, not being able to use your old office filing system, where you had all the folders organized in a filing cabinet, you have to think of a more practical solution that will make your task a little easier, and also be a little more environmentally friendly and not print so much paper.

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  1. What tools would you use to control the management of your company's projects?
  2. What tools would you use for team communication and coordination?
  3. What solution would you consider for document archiving?
  1. For project management I would use tools such as Asana,, nTask, or Teamwork.
  2. For team communication, I would use communication and collaboration tools such as Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.
  3. For this purpose, I would use document management tools such as DocuWare, M-Files, or LogicalDOC.


ICT tools, Smartworking, Teamwork


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