Best Practice. CATCH-21 Century Project

21st Century Skills (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity & Innovation, Self-Direction, Making Global Connections, Making Local Connections, Using Technology as a Tool for Learning) are crucial for quality of education and training. All educators, researchers and labour market are agreed about the importance of mentioned skills but there is a lack of teaching materials and methodology.

The specific objectives are:

  • create concrete and innovative teaching materials and pedagogical model concerning teaching of 21st Century Skills for HE teaching staff,
  • foster cooperation between labour market and HEI organizations.
  • create an online learning platform in order to help development of 21st Century Skills for HEI organizations staff and students at the EU level.

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Critical Thinking


As of today, there is an impressive number of EU co-financed projects labelled under the keyword “Critical Thinking”. For instance, results from the E+ project results’ platform lists nearly 6.900 international projects.

Such a large sample of case studies represents both an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity because we have plenty of case studies to report to readers’ attention for further source of reference, a challenge because it increases the complexity in selecting those that might be relevant to the actual impact radius of ESSENCE.

However, after applying few filters to our research, we manage to collect a short sample of initiatives that are meaningful and coherent to our objectives. All information is extrapolated directly from the snapshot available on the platform.