Best Practice. TRACK-VET

Developing, assessing and validating transversal key competences in the formal initial and continuing VET

The main aim of the TRACK-VET project is to provide evidence based support to EU agencies, national governments and key stakeholders involved in designing and implementing policies on developing, assessing and validating transversal key competences in the formal VET system.

This will be done by:

  • analysing systemic solutions, practices applied in six European countries as well as opinions of key stakeholder
  • developing synthesis report containing model solutions, practices and recommendations.

TRACK-VET project defines transversal key competences (TKC) as a subgroup of the 8 key competences defined in the Council Recommendation from 2006/2018, namely: learning to learn, social and civic competences, initiative-taking and entrepreneurship, and cultural awareness and expression.

Available for stakeholders' review are descriptions of learning outcomes related to transversal key competences in VET systems (for the countries represented by the project) one of which pertains exclusively to critical thinking:

Repository of Learning Outcomes describing TKC. TRACK-VET project.xlsx

Download content:


Critical Thinking


As of today, there is an impressive number of EU co-financed projects labelled under the keyword “Critical Thinking”. For instance, results from the E+ project results’ platform lists nearly 6.900 international projects.

Such a large sample of case studies represents both an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity because we have plenty of case studies to report to readers’ attention for further source of reference, a challenge because it increases the complexity in selecting those that might be relevant to the actual impact radius of ESSENCE.

However, after applying few filters to our research, we manage to collect a short sample of initiatives that are meaningful and coherent to our objectives. All information is extrapolated directly from the snapshot available on the platform.