Best Practice. Fall and Rise! (FAR)

The operational objectives of the project consist in helping young people in:

  • Developing a deeper knowledge of failure concept (typology, causes, effects)
  • Increasing their sense of resilience and self-awareness
  • Developing a proactive attitude and behaviour towards failure by planning and putting into practice an educational program for youths (and optional for adults).

FAR originality consists in the fact that it brings into light the modern and less approached problem of youth’s occupational counselling on the basis of the culture of failure – issue presented from two different perspectives: learning in school and behaviour on the job market – and leveraging on failure techniques, automatic thoughts, positive reframing, mental contrast, emotional intelligence, leadership and many others.

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Emotional Intelligence


While consulting the E+ project results’ platform, we noticed that the total number of funded projects including the meta-word “Emotional Intelligence” is 1148.

After in-depth assessment and analysis, we extrapolated a couple of initiatives tackling the same scope/domain (or similar) addressed by ESSENCE. The resources provided by these projects can be of meaningful relevance for ESSENCE target groups from several perspectives as they represent further platforms of reference for their capacity building and professional development, and diversified sources of training opportunities.

The project’s information that we report hare above is extrapolated from the description of the proposal as published on the project results’ platform