Best Practice. Emotional Intelligence: Identify, harness and manage emotions

This project was in the context of a learning mobility for teachers and school staff. The training activities and following learning outcomes include:

  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence in Modern Education and Workplace Settings
  • The Emerging Self- and Development of Emotional Intelligence (Development, mind-set – literal to abstract)
  • In touch with the emotional self and influence on learning
  • Develop skills in Leadership and Creativity
  • Applications of EI skills in the home, Workplace and Educational Establishments.

The objective was to develop competencies in participants and later, in all staff, to enable them to deal with issues arising from emotional conflict and to make participants and other staff more sensitized to dealing with strong emotions and building relationships with all pupils, in particular immigrant pupils who are dealing with cultural differences.

It will also afford staff members the opportunity to gain insight into how other countries and educational systems deal with the changing needs and pressures on society regarding young people inability to deal with their emotions and conflicting situations that may arise as a result of this.

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Emotional Intelligence


While consulting the E+ project results’ platform, we noticed that the total number of funded projects including the meta-word “Emotional Intelligence” is 1148.

After in-depth assessment and analysis, we extrapolated a couple of initiatives tackling the same scope/domain (or similar) addressed by ESSENCE. The resources provided by these projects can be of meaningful relevance for ESSENCE target groups from several perspectives as they represent further platforms of reference for their capacity building and professional development, and diversified sources of training opportunities.

The project’s information that we report hare above is extrapolated from the description of the proposal as published on the project results’ platform