Case Study. Villa Kazbek

Villa Kazbek is a luxury 5 star boutique hotel owned by the Swedish investment company Pervanovo. It offers elegantly furnished rooms with stylish bathrooms. Kazbek is located at the seafront of Gruz Bay and a 10-minute drive from Dubrovnik's Old Town. Although location attracts tourists to stay at this boutique hotel, construction works aimed at widening and reconstruction of Lapadska obala have made the location of Kazbek less attractive. In order to compensate impairment in location, management of Kazbek hotel decided to reduce their prices. Besides, guest reviews and grades regarding location are worsened.

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Case Questions: With the above information, as well as using the techniques you have learned to generate creative ideas - solve the problem faced by Kazbek management, in particular:

  1. Define the problem and formulate the goal.
  2. Using six thinking hats identify six different scenarios to achieve previously formulated goal.
  3. Use brainstorming technique to discuss ideas resulted from previous step.

Proposed solution

Problem: pressure to reduce prices and lower grades for location due to construction works Main goal: retain the price level and diminish the effect of construction site The most obvious solution: Create a list of activities that will compensate bad aspects of the location.

  • Yellow hat – Benefits, Positive aspects, Brightness and optimism
  • Black hat – Difficulties, Negative aspects, Caution and criticalness
  • Blue hat – Process, Organisational thinking: recap, next steps…
  • Green hat – Creativity, new ideas, alternatives
  • Red hat – Emotions, intuition, instinct and hunches
  • White hat – Facts, data, rationality

List of possible activities:

  • Put the screen(s) in the hotel which show the final appearance of Lapadska obala ;
  • Make sure that guests feel appreciated for being patient and understanding;
  • Make sure that guests feel appreciated for participating in creation of a new look of Lapadska obala;
  • Complementary additional services;
  • ……….


Six thinking hats technique