Best Practice. Kraš Academy

Kraš is the leading manufacturer of sweets in Croatia. Continuity of human resources development is ensured through the recruitment, selection, selection and employment of workers who, with their knowledge, skills, experience and personality, will best respond to the challenges of the environment in which we operate. Appropriate education from the very beginning of work, introduction to work, and transfer of knowledge from older and more experienced workers to younger generations and later organized acquisition of new knowledge ensures the process of lifelong learning.

Systematically, through the KRAS ACADEMY, workers adopt new knowledge and skills, following world achievements in order to achieve full work efficiency. The innovation and creativity of employees are systematically encouraged and the achieved results are appropriately rewarded.

Kraš offers to its employees:

  • work in a team of top experts
  • a culture that nurtures honesty and integrity, quality and a positive attitude
  • a work environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

Workers are considered to be the foundation of success.

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