Best Practice. Lifelong learning and education of employees- Valamar Excellence

This company pays special attention to the development of skills of its employees. In 2020. Valamar Riviera has launched educational programs and the system adapted to new needs and digital environment: online seminars, webinars, virtual classrooms and continued to provide its own employees education and training through educational platform for development and employee education, Valamar Excellence.

Valamar Excellence is an internal lifelong program learning and acquiring knowledge useful for business in tourism and catering which divided into two parts:

  1. Valamar education – specialist programs for jobs in tourism that consist of two sub-programs, V-Executive and V-Professional
  2. Valamar trainings - training programs which include individual work with mentors and professional development using examples of best practices in the company: V-ACADEMY, V-LEAD, V-INTERN, V-START

Participants undergo a total of 19 trainings, of which 14 internal lectures and five external trainings covering the area of teamwork, business communication and leadership skills. The percentage of attendees attending internal trainings is a very high 92 percent. In total, over 6,000 hours of training were realized in internal and external trainings.

Programme firstly launched in 2019. It is internal programme for professional development for the future managers in operations and corporate services. This program lasts one year and in the first part participants undergo several trainings intended to sharpen leadership skills, and when continuing the program attendees also have the opportunity to see some of best practices of other companies.

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Soft skills, training, employee’s assessment