Best Practice. Remote tool for conducting brainstorming - MIRO

Bluerank it is a company planning complex strategies the presence of brands online based on concept Customer Journey. Additionally, the company creates advertising campaigns involving online marketing tools.

The company uses modern tools not only to work remotely, but also to support group work or brainstorming even in pandemic time. In the case of the latter, the free MIRO online tool is used. Brainstorm participants have a common board at their disposal, on which they "insert" colorful cards with their ideas. Ideas can be organized, rearranged and even assigned colors denoting different point categories (for example: green for creativity, yellow for strengths, and black for weaknesses). By using the MIRO online tool, it is even possible to vote.

The role of the moderator is extremely important in the brainstorming process. The role of the moderator is to lead the team, inspire and stimulate creativity and prevent blockades. In addition, its role is to control time and control the implementation of individual stages of brainstorming. All for this, ending the brainstorming session, we do not leave any unfinished ideas. The more specific ideas are defined, the greater the chance that they will be implemented.

– When an experienced moderator monitors everything and runs the process efficiently, everyone can be equally involved in online brainstorming – claim Magdalena Euejda, Digital Strategy Manager in agency Bluerank.

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