Best Practice. Zeppelean

Zeppelean is an online platform that focuses its activity on the evaluation of competencies for their subsequent development and feedback of results through gamification, and the intuitive, agile and attractive development of its content, so that these are effective and dynamic, and in turn, increase the motivation of employees in such training, which is carried out on an ongoing basis. It seems to us a great example of a tool that companies could implement for this purpose.

The objective of this company is that through the contracting of its services, the improvement of the employees' results will be achieved. This, at the same time, would have an impact on the improvement of the company's results, and therefore, this would imply a contribution to the economy and to society.

Regarding the results obtained, the evidence is the statement of a Spanish company that through the use of these services they have been able to facilitate and synthesise the process of evaluation and development of soft skills, leaving older and ineffective methods behind.

By using this kind of tools, the company can facilitate the assessment and development of employees' competences, providing feedback, reward, motivation and involvement of employees in continuous learning, involving them at all times in the process, through games and the achievement of objectives.

This initiative or these types of tools still seem to be largely unknown to many companies. More awareness and visibility would be beneficial.

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Soft skills, training, employee’s assessment