Case Study. Effective communication in the digital environment. Employee/work team perspective.

Your boss has summoned you to an important online meeting to explain a project that needs to be taken forward. As a result of the meeting, you have to send a report, which he has asked each department, and in turn, you have to explain in detail to a colleague some things you require him to send you in order to make this report.

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  1. What aspects would you take into account with respect to the virtual meeting to improve communication in this kind of circumstance?
  2. What communication channel would you select to send the report you were asked for?
  3. What channel would you use to explain in a very detailed way to your colleague what you require?
  1. In the virtual meeting I would take into account aspects such as choosing a suitable space or background that does not distract the attention of the receivers, and that conveys professionalism. I would collaborate in the reduction of noise in communication, making an adequate use of the microphone, activating or deactivating it with respect to my interventions. I would take care of my digital image; diction, tone of voice, body language, and the direction of my gaze. If possible, I would use a medium shot, in which my face and arms are visible. I would also take into account adequate lighting.
  2. To send the report, I would opt for a more formal means of communication, such as email.
  3. I would use a video call to have a more detailed, fluid, and closer conversation with my co-worker.


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