ESSENCE Material on Soft Skills Development Available in Multiple Languages

The ESSENCE international team is very happy to announce the development of seven modules in soft skills training in English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Spanish, and Polish, available soon in the free access project platform:
The ESSENCE teams have designed and developed teaching units, activities, tasks, best practices, case studies, and decision-making games with a focus on:

•    Cognitive Flexibility. 
•    Complex Problem Solving. 
•    Coordinating with Others. 
•    Creativity. 
•    Critical Thinking for Professional Development. 
•    Emotional Intelligence for Employability. 
•    Judgment and Decision Making. 

Within the next few months these modules will be further tested with the project target groups: university students and graduates, academic staff and admin officers, business trainers / mentors, and entrepreneurs.  As a result of testing, the ESSENCE teams intend to finetune the material to improve interactivity, enhance satisfaction, and add value.

The ESSENCE project deliverables are aimed at the successful inclusion of graduates in the dynamic global labour market that increasingly requires excellent soft skills. The modules may further be used to train employees in business organisations for enhanced interpersonal communication and better performance.

The ultimate ESSENCE project goal is that university students, graduates, trainees and employees develop soft skills that will help them gain a competitive edge in the globalised labour market.