Essentially good news for Christmas and New Year:

The ESSENCE project content is made ready for publishing.

The ESSENCE project intends to improve employability opportunities for HE students by stimulating soft skills development. In order to achieve this goal all, the partners have been working intensively to finalize the contents of the educational modules to make them available online in 2022. The modules will cover the topics that are considered as essential for soft skill development namely: complex problem solving, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, creativity, cognitive flexibility, decision making and coordination skills. All those skills are considered as crucial for employability in 2022 and beyond.
To maximize the learning effect from all the modules they are developed focusing on practical examples and case studies. In each of 7 partner countries at lest 3 best practices were identified. In addition at least 3 case studies were prepared. Those practical tools will be integrated with more traditional teaching tools like power point presentation for each module. To make the learning experience more comfortable for students a decision game has been developed and will be available in 2022.
All modules are developed in co-operation between partners from 7 countries. This ensures more added value of the ESSENCE project since it also includes transnational and cross cultural perspective. All the teaching material including game, case studies etc., will be translated in 7 languages to ensure that students and other target groups in each partner country can access and use the teaching material easily. To conclude it can be stated that all the possible barriers for use of the teaching material has been removed and next year it will be available for everyone who would like to improve the employability via development of the soft skills.

ESSENCE study material will be available in seven languages (English, Polish, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Bulgarian and Spanish).

THE TARGET GROUP:  the material is prepared primarily for students from universities and other HEI. It will be useful and beneficial for all types of study areas e.g. natural since, IT, technology and engineering, social since etc. However, the material is developed in a way that it can also be used by the representative of other target groups who would like to develop and improve soft skills.

SSE Riga in the module development was actively utilizing the knowledge and skills possessed by SSE Riga faculty. The academic knowledge was integrated with the applied one to maximize the usability of the teaching material. For a number of years SSE Riga pays a special attention to the development of various skills including the soft ones. This includes regular and elective course as well as coaching and academic advising. All this capital was integrated in the ESSENCE project teaching material to benefit the future employees.

As Alber Einstein said: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand” and the ESSENCE project tools will ensure that and take each participant to the knew levels of understanding in the New Year 2020.

THE PARTNERSHIP: ESSENCE is managed by eight Partners from seven countries, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Spain, representing different backgrounds, and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

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