University of Economics – Varna was established as the first higher education organisation in Bulgaria specialising in economics. It is one of the main pillars of economic education and research in this country. In its century-long history, this university has trained over 155,000 professionals with successful local and international careers.

University of Economics - Varna currently trains students in 27 accredited bachelor degree programmes, 26 master degree programmes, and 16 doctoral degree programmes in four professional fields: Economics, Administration and Management, Tourism, IT and Computer Science.
The College of Tourism at the University of Economics – Varna trains students in two professional bachelor degrees.

Over 230 full-time members of faculty, with over 100 of them professors and associate professors, currently train over 8,000 students. Creativity and research are an integral part of training as over 40 per cent of academic staff have either their own businesses or are in consulting.

Through the use of its intellectual capacity, wide global partner network and significant relations with global businesses, UE-Varna promotes innovation, digitalization, offers sustainable competitive business solutions, and encourages students to broaden their horizons and pursue successful careers.

The innovative university-business cooperation platform (UEBN) is an highly successful channel of communication with business, supporting the social integration of young people into local business organisations and the operational involvement of business experts in student training. 2,115 companies are currently registered employers in the UEBN platform, with 1,913 job vacancies available to registered users, and 794 business experts registered in the platform.

The vision of UE - Varna is to continue to develop its educational and research achievements to be a creative, entrepreneurial and educational centre with a real contribution to society.

The mission of the University of Economics - Varna is to be a leading educational and research institution with a well-established educational identity. UE -Varna places young people, education and culture at the core of its social and economic responsibility policies.

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