DEMOSTENE Centro Studi

DEMOSTENE Centro Studi - a youth non-governmental organization, research center and non-profit organization established in 2014 for education, mobility and international cooperation. Its main goal is the development of society by empowering young people and adults and consolidating the community in line with the principles of democracy and human rights.
The activities of the organization include:
- promoting the right to mobility as a fundamental human right and a tool for personal development;
- promoting active citizenship, in particular among citizens experiencing or at risk of social exclusion;
- strengthening the international dimension of education and raising the level of key competences and skills of young people;
- promoting culture, economy and human rights;
- international cooperation as a means of developing social and interpersonal relations that are lasting and based on solidarity;
- promoting local and international volunteering as a tool for social action and building a more equal and united society by promoting values such as peace and justice

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