ESSEI asbl (European Society for Social and Economic Integration)

ESSEI asbl (European Society for Social and Economic Integration) - a non-governmental organization based in Brussels, founded in 2016 by a group of practitioners in the field of international relations, European affairs and social sciences. The mission of ESSEI is to promote European integration through information activities. To achieve its goal, ESSEI also conducts research and analysis of socio-economic trends influencing the European integration process. ESSEI promotes EU integration by:
- knowledge development: ESSEI conducts research and analysis of political and regulatory trends at European level. In addition, ESSEI organizes roundtable and brainstorming sessions among practitioners and produces articles, policy notes and information on top topics influencing European integration;
- sharing knowledge: ESSEI is also a platform for sharing knowledge and experience on the integration of the European Union. The members and founders of ESSEI are recognized practitioners and have an extensive network of contacts among EU organizations;
- brokerage partnerships: ESSEI is a platform that facilitates and mediates partnerships between participants in the EU integration process.

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