Intellectual Output 3 focuses on the development of the ESSENCE Toolkit with theoretical and interactive training content, such as a set of core workshop themes, a decision game, case studies, development education best practices, and a glossary. IO3 responds to the needs specified in the application by filling the educational gap among candidates present on the labor market. The state-of-the-art analysis shows that there is a need to provide operational and user-friendly training resources for future managers who may be excluded from the labor market due to a lack of adequately developed soft skills.

Development of training content

The training content will be developed for each soft skill identified as relevant in the mapping process and also will be short and easy to use for teachers and intuitive to manage for users.


  • translation of the material into the language of each partner;
  • conducting pilot trainings by partners;
  • development of a decision game (simulation of business decision-making processes). The content of the game will be determined in accordance with the key soft skills defined at the IO2 level;
  • introducing simulations on the freely available ESSENCE platform in order to increase the reach and impact of the project on target groups.