OER platform

ESSENCE project will create its own OER platform which will be translated into 7 languages to reach different international target groups: students, trainers and teachers who specialize in employment, business consultants with solid experience in the area of HR and PR, entrepreneurs and managing directors.

The platform will work in close connection with other project’s intellectual outputs, including mapping of soft skills for enhanced employability (IO2) and Toolkit with theoretical and interactive training content (IO3). After finalizing the activities under IO2 and IO3, the platform will take the form of an e-learning source from which the project's target groups and other stakeholders can benefit fully. The platform will also publish the product developed under IO4 - University Manifesto and guidelines for the use of ESSENCE tools, in order to increase the level of appropriate use of project’s results in target groups as well as groups that are beyond the geographic and temporal boundaries of the project’s consortium.